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  • Valentine's Day Love Tips on Table Talk

    Ava, Steven, and Filup discuss Valentine's Day shenanery, STD's, friendship, dreams, and so much more on this week's #TableTalk!


  • Would You Go To A Sex Tent At Burning Man?

    Or are you afraid that the tent will be filled with the kind of people who go to burning man?


  • Teen Chlamydia Outbreak and Worst Prom Pic Ever! - SourceFed

    What's worse: Bad sex ed or bad taste?


  • Protect Your Genitals With This Creepy Latex Thong!

    Condoms don't cover everything! The Scroguard is here to protect the rest of your genitals from STDs and creep out any potential partners.


  • Shocking STD Results For US Teens

    New research shows alarming STD levels in young females in the US.


  • Epic Scares, STDs, and "Real News" Sucks

    In today's show we talk about sexual studies, wolves at the olympics, riots in the Ukraine & Venezuela, and anything else that mattered to me.

    The Philip DeFranco Show

  • Rejected Super Bowl Ad for Porn, Drunk Lady Punked

    It's Super Bowl weekend, and as a serious journalist, Annie must remain strictly neutral on the matter. But whether you're a football fan or not, you can enjoy the ridiculous commercials that air live...or not.

    Annie's Bits

  • HPV is a Mouthful #choochoo

    In today's show, we talk about a rise in STDs, Olympians granted asylum, don't post illegal things on your Facebook, and everything else that mattered to me.

    The Philip DeFranco Show

  • A Future Cure for HIV / AIDS

    In recent years we've seen huge advances in medical science, and now through the use of stem cells there is even hope for us to find a cure for AIDS / HIV. Watch this episode of Geekbuzz to find out how!

    Nixie Pixel Geekbuzz