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  • Elite Beat Agents, and Why Osu! Belongs on a System No One Has

    Ouendan and Elite Beat Agents are two of Nick's favorite rhythm games ever. That's why he was thrilled to recently discover PC freeware game Osu! - and specifically, how well it plays on a Surface tablet.


  • Self Driving Cars and Blackberry's Future

    Jon R is back to tackle more questions and queries from Buffalo readers, viewers and fans! On this episode of Ask the Buffalo, Jon tackles the most burning questions in the world of tech including what he thinks about Google's new self-driving car concept and if BlackBerry can recover everything it has lost the past couple of years. Jon also tells us if you should upgrade to a Surface Pro 3 from a Surface Pro 2 and when we can expect to see a Google Play version of the recently released LG G3.


  • Upgrading the Studio and Chromecast Tricks

    This week we go behind the scenes at the Hak5 Studio during our recent studio upgrades. Also Shannon explores some of the hidden features in Chromecast, all that and more this time on Hak5!


  • Virtual Reality with the Oculus Rift

    We're changing things up a bit: new cameras, new editing, and more Veronica! We went over to GDC in San Francisco to chat with Palmer Luckey the founder of Oculus to talk about the new Rift gaming device.

    Fact or Fictional

  • Fly Attack in the Studio!

    During a routine AppJudgment shoot, Jackie and Mauricio were just trying to get their job done and the mobile news reported on... when all of a sudden a killer housefly attempts to divebomb and ruin the shoot! Gross. Nice try, fly.


  • L.A. Noire, Android Security Leak, Best Browser for HDTVs, MacBook Pro vs iMac, HDMI vs Sound Card, Netflix Is Clogging The Tubes

    Destructoid's Tara Long talks L.A. Noire. Does Android have security issues? MacBook Pro vs iMac: which is better for video editing? Do I need a sound card? And our favorite Blu-ray releases for May 24th, 2011!


  • IE 9 Beats Chrome! M-Vision Cine 230 Reviewed, iPad 2 Hands On, Zediva, Adipose On Set!

    We review Digital Projection's M-Vision Cine 230 projector, get hands on with the iPad 2, walk you through Handbrake's settings, answer your Twitter questions, and feature our favorite new Blu-ray releases for March 22, 2011!


  • Windows 7 SP1 Hands On! Pelican Case Crushed, Phone Survives. How To Avoid HDTV Upgrades, Corel VideoStudio Pro X4, Portable Projector Screens

    Removing Stuff Your Toddler Stuffed In Your Slot Load DVD drive. The One Time You Should Use Overscan. What Happens When You Run Over An iPhone In A Pelican Case With A 3-Ton Truck? Windows Phone 7 Patch Fails. Final Cut Pro Update. Windows 7 Service Pack 1 Goes Smoothly. The New Blu-ray Releases For March 1, 2011!


  • Is it Ethical to Download Free Music?

    Penn's smart. He's got smart friends. What does he think of P2P file-sharing?

    Penn Point

  • Beats by Dre Studio Edition Gets the Unboxing Porn Treatment

    Draw a bath, light the candles, burn down the curtains, call 911 and tell everyone the dog did it, it's time for another Unboxing Porn.

    Unboxing Porn