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  • Ghost In The Shell (2017) Trailers - Cool or Clueless?

    We take a look at the new Ghost in the Shell teasers, plus Pokemon Uranium seems to be no-more, but does anything really end?

    SourceFed Nerd

  • DOTA 2 (and How Warcraft 3 Changed Video Games) - COFFEE TALK

    Max and his brother Jack have been playing DOTA since the original Warcraft 3 "Defense of the Ancients" mod, which is why they're taking a look back on how we got from there to Valve's Dota 2.


  • Why Sunspots Break Cable TV. Can The Secure Content Storage Association Replace Blu-ray? Top 40 Blu-rays, Moxi's Not Dead, and Hugo on Blu-ray!

    HBO Go coming to Xbox 360! Arris isn't pulling the plug on the awesome Moxi DVR. Hugo looks gorgeous on Blu-ray. And much more!

    HD Nation

  • Alien Scaling Technology. Pocket Sized Projectors Benchmarked: Optoma PK320, Optoma ML500! 21:9 HDTV vs. Blu-ray Movies

    How are Vizio's 21:9 CinemaWide TVs going to handle processing Blu-ray video? What does the 20th Anniversary edition of Unforgiven add to the 2006 Blu-ray release? Optoma PK320, Optoma ML500 ultra portable projectors reviewed!

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  • Disney Does Calibration: World of Wonder Blu-ray vs. Spears & Munsil Benchmark. Why Won't New Blu-rays Play?

    "Calibration Doggone Easy & Fun!" Will we replace the Spears & Munsil High Definition Benchmark Blu-ray with Disney's WOW: World of Wonder Blu-ray disc set? PowerDVD 8 won't play new Blu-rays. What should I do?

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  • TiVo HDTV Reviewed: A Great $700 42" HDTV! Yes DisplayPort Does Do Audio, Blu-ray picks: Tree of Life and Horrible Bosses!

    Insignia's Connected TV with TiVo Interface. Yes, we were wrong, you were write: DisplayPort Definitely Handles Audio. New Blu-ray Picks!

    HD Nation

  • TiVo HDTV Reviewed! Bulldozer Disappoints, iPhone 4s Reviews Are In, PSN Attacked Again, Loyd Talks CPUs, GPUs, CloudSave and More!

    A new round of attacks on PlayStation Network accounts, iPhone 4S: the early reviewers love Siri. Bulldozer: AMD's latest should be faster, Loyd Case talks PCIe SSDs, Battlezone 3 GPU upgrades, CPU upgrades (now or later?). We talk about why wireless hotspots probably aren't the answer to broadband caps. Drew wants to know if downloading or streaming Tekzilla uses more bandwidth. Robert Reviews the Insignia Connected TV with TiVo Interface!


  • Affordable HDTV Calibration Hardware: Is SpectraCal's M2 Colorimeter As Good As CalMAN? Will The 2012 Olymics Make 3D Matter? New Blu-ray Releases!

    Robert loves SpectraCal's CalMAN software... he reviews their new $300 M2 Colorimeter. Our picks from the latest Blu-ray releases. 10 hours of 3D every day: We're talking 2012 London Olympics!

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  • My Hard Drive Died: Who Do I Call? $1000 Gaming PC Parts, Ultimate HDTV Calibration Tool, PC Memory Speeds Explained, Skype's New Phone Adapters, DOJ vs. AT&T, and more!

    Loyd is back with answers to your PC questions! Windows ReadyBoost is dead, The 2012 Olymics will be in 3D. Wireless router pick: WNDR 4000 vs. 3700. Why -IS- everybody talking about the new Amazon Tablet? Skype releases adapters for your old telephone, Asterisk. Robert loves SpectraCal's CalMAN software... he reviews their new M2 Colorimeter. (Can it take your HDTV calibration to the next level?) The DOJ will fight the AT&T T-Mobile merger, Family Radio, drive recovery, and how much work -is- your GPU doing...


  • Android Malware Spike, Run Your PC When The Power Is Out, HDMI Cable Myths, 4G vs. WiFi, Stream Your Wedding For Free, Google +1 Meets Google Plus!

    HDMI Specs: Just ignore 'em and plug in that cable! Buying the right UPS. With all the WiFi locations, do I really need Mobile Internet? Stream your wedding even if the church doesn't have WiFi! Was the iPad invented by 2001 film director Stanley Kubrick in 1968?