Add Multiple Power Outlets to Your Car


Add Multiple Power Outlets to Your Car

Tired of not having enough power points in your car to keep your phone charged, your GPS on, and your DVD/monitor combo playing? Change all that by adding additional 12 volt power outlets to your car.

These days, with so many gadgets to keep powered and running, expanding on the number of power outlets in your car is a must! Most modern cars sport two or even three 12-volt outlets but if you drive something pre-21st century you're probably stuck with only one. So how do you convert that one into many?

One way is to use an adapter like this one here to turn one outlet into three. Simple, but not the most elegant solution especially if you want to locate an outlet somewhere other than near the front seats.

Alternatively you can purchase a single outlet and run the wires under the carpet to the back seats, trunk or elsewhere. Patrick prefers this method, as he runs additional leads out to the tailgate of his truck.

Of course, one thing to note is the capacity of your car's battery and alternator combo to keep up with the all the devices you're plugging in. You're pretty safe with small devices like GPS, cellphones, mp3 players but if you plan on using a power inverter, you want to calculate the total load to ensure you're not draining the battery even while the engine is on.