So you've heard about the DIGG button and P.O.V. toys, and maybe even LCD drivers. What drives them? How do they work? Why should you care? On this episode of Systm, we tackle that very question as Patrick and Dave take a look at AVR microcontrollers. What should be simple becomes an overly complicated project that only a super NASA engineer would even think of handling if the world's fate was hanging in the balance and Bruce Willis was our only hope. So sit back and enjoy the ride as we make an LED blink on and off.

Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. After you start with AVR programming you will never stop. It's kinda like smoking or drinking, except without the crippling effects of cancer, or crashing into the side of a grade school. So Let's get started with the parallel port wiring. We've included a simple image for you to follow while building your programmer.

Let's go shopping:

DB25 Male Solder connector Radio Shack #276-1547
20 pin IC socket Radio Shack #276-1991
Solder board Radio Shack #276-159
AVR2313 DigiKey #ATTINY2313-20PU
LED Radio Shack #276-022
Resistors Radio Shack #271-1321

After you have all the parts and built it to match the drawing, then you should jump over to instructables.com and follow "The Real Elliot" as he takes you through some of the basics that we discussed in the show.