Batteries: The Organic iPod/LiO Fire Battery Failures


Batteries: The Organic iPod/LiO Fire Battery Failures

In our biggest failure since the WiFi Episode, Systm trys to power an iPod with Lemons and create a Lithium Ion battery fire. Find out what exactly a battery is... and why we want a battery tech breakthrough in the worst way.

Before we start talking battery, let's get two things clear: First, use rechargeable batteries whenever possible. Second, you should properly recycle batteries whenever possible so they don't end up in a landfill.

Ever wonder what exactly a battery is? We have, and in our search for more something with a higher energy to weight ration than a lead-acid battery we started looking around the web.

Can you power an iPod with a chain of Lemons? Not exactly... you need a lot more current than our lemons could generate, tho we had more than enough Voltage. A lemon battery is a fun project to do with the kids, btw.

How hard is it to turn a Lithium Ion battery into a flaming sparkler, ala those flaming notebook battery problems back in 2006? Harder than we thought. Our LiO cell didn' bcatch, tho the pastic around it did.

Fortunately, we had some pretty good luck gutting a AA battery...