DIY Flame Thrower for 100 Episodes

Systm hits the 100th episode, and to celebrate we decided to light up our cake with a DIY flame thrower!

Systm has finally reached 100! 100 episodes, that is. Today we explore one of the more novel ways of lighting our cake with candles by using a cobbled together flame thrower. Now, unlike a mil-grade flame thrower, our DIY version uses a mixture of butane and propane commonly used with camping stoves. Along with some empty AirSoft canisters and an ignition source you've got yourself a big flame shooter.

Word of extreme caution: This is FIRE you're playing with, so do not attempt this project unless you have the proper work space and take the necessary precautions. Do not use on siblings, neighbors, people, animals or vegetation. For use against inanimate objects in supervised settings that will not cause property damage, injury or death to any person or persons.