Digg the Digg Button


Digg the Digg Button

DIGG, DIGG, DIGG, It's a circular world we are living in and what better way to show it off than with a Digg button that shows the Digg count of the Digg story you Digg on a giant Digg button display in the Digg offices by the cousin of Digg (Revision3's Systm) at diggthediggbutton.com

So the way we see it is this time on Systm is we got Kevin to come in and talk to Phil and Limor about the Digg button and its origins. Then Dave had to figure out a cool idea on something to do with an already cool idea? So we wrote down everything we knew about the button and Digg.

  • Digg has recently released the Digg API adafruit.com is selling the Digg buttons like crazy
  • Velleman makes the Kk8063 LCD serial display board
  • James loves Visual Basic
  • SquidLabs has a laser etcher and lets Dave use it.

What do we do with all of this magic? What better way than build a giant 11x16 Digg button? We could have easily just made a giant button and made it work like the one sold at adafruit.com but then we would take their thunder and that's not nice. After all they are giving a buck from each sale and giving it to the EFF so there alright in our book.

So we made a pretty sculpture, mounted some LCD's and hooked it up to the internet in our usual fashion of making something practical into something completely impractical while trying to shove a healthy dose of How-To in there.

You can download the source code as well as the executable here.
LED Control

We would like to thank adafruit.com for selling the Digg buttons. Limor at ladyada.net for building the original Digg buttons and showing us how to put one together. James A Gayhart for putting in the time to write the software for us. All the people at Digg for their help and support on diggthediggbutton.com and the Digg API.

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