3 Secrets To Awesome Surround Sound


3 Secrets To Awesome Surround Sound

"How far apart should my front speakers be in my surround sound system?"

That was the most repeated question when we asked you to submit your surround sound questions for the crew at Dolby.

It turns out that distance isn't nearly as critical as the angle at which they point toward the listener!

Dolby was generous enough to share some more tips for maxing out the performance of your multichannel audio system... watch the show to find out what they are, along with what the extra speakers do in a 7.1 system... and a nifty way to use houseplants to soup up your surround sound system!

Dolby's got a great Speaker Setup Guide... and if you're trying to figure out the difference between all the 'flavors' of surround sound, the Tech Overview is quite informative, from the original analog Dolby Surround found on VHS tapes to the latest lossless technology found on Blu-ray disks, Dolby TrueHD.