How To Build a Movie Jukebox, Part 1: Rip Your DVDs


How To Build a Movie Jukebox, Part 1: Rip Your DVDs

Want to play your video collection on any media extender, console or Apple TV? Step one is to get your movies off of the DVDs and onto your hard drive! Part 1 of our DIY Video Jukebox Series

If you're like most people you probably have a huge library of DVDs that you've bought and collected over the years. Unfortunately it's an inconvenient format if you want to playback all that content anywhere around the house. So in part 1 of our DIY Video Jukebox Series we show you how to rip and encode that stack of DVDs into a format that you can play on your Windows Media Extender, set top box like the Video Popcorn Hour, PS3, Xbox 360, or AppleTV. All you need is fast machine mac or PC and some free apps.

For Mac owners checkout HandBrake.

For PC owners your choices are bit more varied. Along with the PC version of HandBrake, you can also use the AutoGK. It's a GUI front end for a several different open source video transcoding tools that let you harness their power without the tedious need to jump from one app to another each time. AutoGK is great especially for fans of DivX and Xvid encoding. Finally there's AutoMKV. Like AutoGK, AutoMKV is a GUI front end for various tools that are used. The benefit of AutoMKV is it's higher level of tweakability and output format diversity.

And if you run into unexpected problems offers a wealth of resources and advice for any video encoding, transcoding or formatting issue.

After your done ripping and encoding, don't miss Part 2 of our DIY Video Jukebox series, which shows you how to build a movie, music and media server that will stream your content around the house to just about any device known to man.