Build Your Own NAS


Build Your Own NAS

If you're just itching for an excuse to reuse that retired desktop PC or laptop sitting in your closet there here's your chance. Today we'll be looking at the basics of installing FreeNAS, an open-source DIY NAS. So instead of spending money on off the shelf options why not save yourself some cash and make use of the stuff you already have and get a super customizable network storage device to boot.

Need a place to back up your most important files? MP3s or corporate documents, we build a FreeNAS and prove that Network Attached Storage doesn't have to be expensive. Article: Itching for an excuse to reuse that retired desktop PC or laptop sitting in your closet? Here's your chance! Today we're building a FreeNAS. This FREE Open Source DIY Network Attached Storage software means you can save some cash by recyling stuff you already have, instead of spending big bucks on an off the shelf box. On the show our beloved Series Producer Roger Chang steps out from the control room and in front of the camera to walk you step by step through building this super customizable network storage device. FreeNAS makes it easy to set up: you'll see how little time and effort it really takes!

All you need to build your own is a copy of the FreeNAS installer, and a PC. It doesn't take much of a PC: just 96MB of RAM a NIC, and a CD-ROM to install from along with a hard drive, and you're ready to go. Tho you'll probably want at least one fat new hard drive to stash your stuff on!

FYI: FreeNAS isn't the only option if you're intent on rolling your own NAS. Other options include" target="_blank>CryptoNAS featuring automatic data encryption and Openfiler a great alternative to FreeNAS.