4 Fun Fruit Cake Hacks


4 Fun Fruit Cake Hacks

Death to fruitcakes! We show you how to burn them in the fireplace, blast them into outer space on a toy rocket, or turn them into a functional doorstop or arty stained glass. Spare your friends and family the shame of regifting, and the calories too.

Fruit Cakes are both a holiday tradition and a major bugbear. Sure they're edible but really who wants to eat them? So instead of handing fruit cake down the generations like a family heirloom or even re-gifting them why not get some fun out of that holiday loaf?

One great idea Kirsten Sanford had was to use plastic resin to turn them into pieces of art or something practical... like a doorstop. One great place to get the materials you'll need is TAP Plastics. Not only do they material handy they got staff on hand ready to answer most questions about pouring, molds and plastic.

Now if you're looking to boost one high in the sky you'll want to pick some model rocket motors. Ideally D sized are best since most fruit cakes are a bit on the dense and heavy side. Plus there usually the largest ones available at your local hobby store. Also invest in a proper rocket launcher pad and lots of packing tape! The tape you'll need to keep the cake from separating in flight. Finally find out what the locals laws are about model rocket launches and give yourself plenty of space!