Automate Guitar Hero


Automate Guitar Hero

Cheating At Guitar Hero: An introduction to show controllers, by David Randolph

David Randolph's back to Systm with a vengeance, out from the studio and dipping into his previous life building interactive museum displays... to cheat at Guitar Hero.

Or, to look at it in a different light, David's figured out how to automate Guitar Hero by wiring one of Gilderfluke & Co's spiffy "Show Control Systems" the BR-miniBrick8 into a Guitar Hero Guitar.

And the tricky part, of course, programming it to play Foghat's "Slow Ride."

Wondering what exactly a Show Controller is? Think tiny gadget that can turn other devices on and off... or trigger them... or, you know, control them!

They're a integral part of the museum exhibits David used to make for a living!