Giant Hamster Wheel Powers Your PC


Giant Hamster Wheel Powers Your PC

From the inverter you plug into, to battery banks used to store energy, a Hamster Wheel Powerd PC has a lot in common with other alternative energy sources like Solar, Wind, Water or Bicycles!

Watch us build a human powered PC on this episode of Systm!

No. Seriously. David and Patrick borrowed the ten foot high hamster wheel that powers theThe Disgusting Spectacle (Thanks you to the ever charming Tracy and Don!), pulled a couple motors from David's stockpile, one of Patrick's inverters and his Giant Box of Wire, and got busy in the ridiculously cool NIMBY Space in West Oakland.

With a bit of running, a pair of DC motors generated 14V, pushing 6A when connected in parallel... and, yes, we managed to generate enough juice to charge the battery. At least in between having to stop running and catch our breath!

A more practical arrangement would be to power the inverter from deep storage batteries, using your alternative energy source to charge the batteries... generally speaking, you'd want a regulator in between the power source and the batteries, whether you're going solar, wind, water, bicycle or Hamster Wheel!

Where were we? NIMBY, in West Oakland, is "A place to create the impossible, the new, the ridiculous, the exiting and most importantly, the never seen before. It is the largest do-it-yourself industrial art space in the Bay Area." This is an incredible place to make art, from ceramics to neo, machining to textiles, steam engines to computer controllers. If you're in the Bay area, check it out!