Systm 101: Liquid Nitrogen Makes Delicious Ice Cream in Under a Minute!

It's been super hot this week in San Francisco, which has the Systm crew thinking of home made ice cream, but using Liquid Nitrogen instead of a boring old ice cream maker!

Everybody loves home made ice cream, especially the Systm crew!

But making a batch usually involves an ice cream makerof some kind, possibly a lot of cranking, and, frankly a lot of waiting.

Being the ADD geeks that we are we decided to hurry things up a bit by making a quick trip to our fave welding supply store and picking up a $25 10 liter dewar of Liquid Nitrogen, then heading to our kitchen for a steel bowel, whisk and a wooden spoon.

The ice cream recipe doesn't matter... you can use the LN2 technique with any ice cream recipe for a delightfully light and creamy texture!

You do need to be careful! Liquid nitrogen is -extremely- cold, and can do serious damage. Practice good LN2 safety... at the very least, wear eye protection, and -never- put it in a sealed container or pour it down a drain.