Build a Must-Have iPod Accessory


Build a Must-Have iPod Accessory

We show you how to replace an expensive iPhone/iPod dock with a small, cheap and very portable cable.

Mike wanted a DIY "cable that will allow my iPod / iPhone to charge and give me a audio line out connection."

Sounds simple enough, but Mike didn't want to try it out on his $500 iPhone.

In 20/20 hindsight, we don't blame him: Patrick nearly bricked his iPhone while puzzling out how to get the audio out to work on a home brew Dock Connector using an easy to solder PodGizmo PodBreakout... the pins on the Dock Connector are tiny, and not much fun to experiement with.

We're sticking with the iPod Pinout charts in the future... the charts are numbered backwards... mixing the two caused us some serious pain.

Did we mention the pain of soldering those tiny pins on the Dock Connecor? We've already bricked three... good thing we ordered six.

Sparkfun Electronics isn't the only source of Dock Connectors: Ridax offers both DIY Dock Connectors and an excellent array of (pricey, but useful) connectors and extenders.

Did we say DIYModon the show? Yes we did show off our start on the audiophile hack for the iPod... we'll be walking you thru it soon!