The Month of MAME: The Cabinet


The Month of MAME: The Cabinet

A month of MAME? Absolutley. David has a dream of building a superior classic arcade game emulator, so we're building a full size cabinet from the ground up. Get your quarters!

David has a dream. He wants a full sized MAME cabinet for the Revision3 offices... or, better yet, the studio where we'll be shooting Systm in the near future.

Don't know what MAME is? It's an emulator... the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, to be more precise, which recreates the hardware of classic arcade games in software.

You can certainly run MAME on your desktop PC, Mac, Linux or Windows.

David wants the full arcade experience, which means we'll be taking the fine software put together by the MAMEDev team, and putting it inside of a full sized standup arcade game cabinet.

Which means David and Patrick are neck deep in carpentry and MDF in this episode.

Want to play along at home? David has put together a PDF file with a drawing of our case, along with all the dimensions, tools and supplies!

In Episode 2 of our Month of MAME, David's gonna wrestle with displays, Patrick sets up the audio while Brendan mounts the computer.

Stay tuned!