Stream Your Video and Music Anywhere!


Stream Your Video and Music Anywhere!

Set up a personal media server, it's easy, and you'll have access to your favorite tunes and movies no matter where you go!

If you keep your entire media library on your home PC enjoying your favorite songs and videos when you're traveling (or even just in the office!) can be a difficult proposition. Do bring your PC? Dump everything on a portable hard drive? Maybe *gasp* burn out dozens of DVD/CDs of everything? We've got a better idea: how about to setting up a personal media server that you can access remotely over the Internet? It's straightforward process that requires less than 10 minutes to setup.

If you want to serve up video, music, and photos our favorite tool is Orb. You'll need a PC to run it, but you can stream to just about anything, even cell phones! If you just interested in streaming out music, check out Simplify Media. It works on Mac and Linux boxes along with Windows PCs.

With both applications you'll want some sort of broadband connection. Video will be better served with a larger upload capacity than either photos or music but even with 700k DSL upload video watching is perfectly acceptable.