Lego Mindstorms: Robot Building Made Easy


Lego Mindstorms: Robot Building Made Easy

Everyone knows LEGO's are fun and incredibly creative toys for kids to play with, but did you know you could also build robots? Ones that can you program and build to do almost any task. Find out how on today's Systm!

Building a robot requires many skills: metal working, soldering, drilling, and of course programming. It also means investing in the right tools and materials. It also requires a ton of trial and error as you piece your way through a build.

Sound like too much work? Or maybe too expensive? Want the fun of getting into robotics -and a solid introduction to robot programming without committing to most the above?

LEGO just might have the answer.

LEGO's Mindstorm NXT is a robotics kit that mixes the traditional LEGO bricks, Technics pieces, with sensors, motors and NXT programmable brick. Using the included pieces and a PC users can create any number of robotic creations. Dave, our resident robotics mavin, works full time for LEGO Education, and shares his insight to help you create your first robot using the Mindstorms NXT kit.