How to Build an Oil-Cooled Aquarium PC


How to Build an Oil-Cooled Aquarium PC

The most disgusting PC hack ever! We build a computer inside an aquarium, and then fill it full of mineral oil, to see if full-on liquid immersion cooling will work better than air or water cooling. Watch as we take PC modification to the next level and put a PC in an aquarium, complete with a ship wreck and fake plants.

We've done some serious air cooling and water cooling of PCs... but we've never immersed one in oil.

So we jumped at the chance to drop one of our PC into Puget Systems Aquarium Module, build out a nifty looking aquatic PC, and see for ourselves what it does for CPU cooling.

The results? Better than we expected, but not nearly as good as we could get if we added in a pump and radiator!

If you can, buy your mineral oil in bulk from a vet or farm co-op... anyplace that sells supplies for horses. In the city we spent over $100 buying 42 16oz bottles, about twice what it would have cost in gallon bottles. Owch!

Want the ultimate cooling solution? If you've got the cash, check out 3M's Flourinert... just make sure you build a sealed case, or your investment will vanish over time!