Overclock your PC


Overclock your PC

Back in the day, only the foolhardy overclocked a PC. Today? It's practically expected for home builders. We walk you thru the basics of getting free performance from your processor.

Weston writes in, "Could do explain how to to overclock? I have a I have an Opteron 165, 1.8 Ghz Dual core proccessor and my mother board is MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum and wanted to overclock."

No problem, Weston. Tho we don't have quite the same configuration as you do, the basics of overclocking, the fine art of tweaking your CPU, memory or GPU to get more performance than the part is rate for, hold pretty much the same, whether you've got an Intel or AMD processor.

Back in the day, only the brave and the foolhardy overclocked. Today, it's practically expected. Motherboard manufacturers have made it easy to overclock without puttering with tiny jumpers on the motherboard; it's all in the Bios, and most mobos will automatically reset if you push things too far. GPU manufacturers like Nvidia and ATI put overclocking tools in their drivers.

On the show we walk you thru the basics of turning up the Front Side Bus, along with the bus multiplier, since our processor's multiplier isn't locked... we ended up boosting our procesor 13% over stock. Not a huge gain, but nothing to sneeze at.

We also test our systm's stability using Prime95 for 30 minutes between each tweak to the BIOS.

Want to get more in depth with overclocking? We highly recommend the Extremetech Overclocking Guide, by Joel Durham, Jr. It's packed full of great info on overclocking your CPU and graphic card!