Wardriving in 60 Seconds, AK-47 vs. HD, EL Noise


Wardriving in 60 Seconds, AK-47 vs. HD, EL Noise

More on Router Firmware, EL, Wiring Robots, Wardriving, Data Sanitizing... and your ideas for future episodes: growing pot, building lightsaber replicas and DIY headphone amps!

No soldering this week... the saws are silent. We're talking time this week to answer some of the many emails we've received about the projects we've done and will do in the coming months!

Wardriving seems to be a favorite of viewer Justin. He's been sending, no, flooding, our email servers with requests to do an "...episode of Systm on Wardriving", so Patrick has Wardriving in 60 Seconds for Justin. ;

Patrick just wishes he'd remember to suggest InSSIDer instead of NetStumbler for Wardriving on Windows... it's mucho more functional on Vista and offers some nifty features.

Patrick out in Wisconsin wants us to build a Cantenna... nothing wrong with that, but we recommends he check out EP 45: Practically Free WiFi Antennas... where we went over 3 low cost but better than stock DIY options for boosting Wi-Fi reception.

Nick was so enamored with our build a combat robot episode a few months back he wants a wiring diagram for that very design. Thankfully Dave is here to share his wisdom on the whole thing and why it's a lot simpler than you might think.

Michael had question about an alternative method to erasing your hard drive that we didn't cover in Episode 74. Is it a sure fire winner or does it a few flaws that could potentially leave him susceptible to data thieves?

Danny had a question about the noise generated by the electroluminescence sheet we used in Episode 70 and Andrew had a related question about how to go about installing an EL sheet into the back of Macbook.

Of course in every batch of email we get there are always a few that could be considered eccentric or even "odd". But since we're all about equal opportunity we decided to put in a few of the more colorful email requests we received.

Brandon is quite excited about having us dedicate a show to growing pot... in a DIY hydroponics setup... in a secret 'geek friendly' hidden room behind a false bookshelf... wired with all the connectivity any geek might need while hiding out. Pat and Dave are amused and explain what may or may not keep them from attempting it in the near future.

Finally, Thomas wants us to show him how to build... a lightsaber. Not some cheap knock-off that looks like a lightsaber but a real honest to gosh replica of a the prop lightsabers used in the Star Wars movies.

Coincidentally, Dave just happens to be one of the world's biggest Star Wars fans and freaks on the planet. How freaky? Let's see: Homemade Storm trooper armor? Check. Hand built life-size R2D2? Double-check (he has 2). Replica lightsabers? Big check... he has a complete set based on the same parts the original prop makers built for the original Star Wars.

If you guys are interested... this is one we'll do soon!