Control Your PC From Anywhere!


Control Your PC From Anywhere!

Summer roadtrip season is here, but you don't have to leave your desktop, or its contents, at home or work while you travel: it's all about remote access tools, from monthly fee to VNC!

Get to your home PC when you're on vacation, whether to download copies of the baby pixs, some fresh music, or upload a bunch of pictures you want off your camera!

Bypass network blocks at the office so you can run Twitter or browse to any website!

Fix Dad's PC... even when it's three states away!

Call us enthusiastic, but we're all about setting up remote access using remote control software on this episode of Systm!

There are a number of ways to do this... commercial tools, open source tools like VNC, and even something that Microsoft already stuffed inside some versions Windows XP, Vista and 7.

This is different from DynDNS , walked you through a few months ago... that allows you to find your home server no matter what IP address your ISP assigns you. Many of the services we're talking about today already have this ability built in.

There are tons of commercial applications to do this. They usually charge a monthly fee, but can save you lots of work setting things up. We talk the following applications, and tell you which ones are the best deal and why:


We also walk you through setting up free tools, such as the Remote Desktop Connection tool that have been built into many versions of Windows since XP.

That includes the basics of port forwarding, which you'll need to set up in your router for most DIY remote connection tools.

Finally, we get our geek on and walk you thru setting up VNC , aka Virtual Network Computing on your machine.

On Windows, we like UltraVNC the best.... you can use it via a remote viewer, or any browser that has Java installed.

Want to get even more geeky? Try setting up VNC viewers that run on your iPhone or Android powered phone!