Build a Sumo Robot From Hell


Build a Sumo Robot From Hell

Ready to build your first robot? A sumo robot is a great place to start, and we've got the complete how to from David Calkins!

Giant flailing heavyweight combot robots might get the most air time, but they're a horrible place to start out in robotics. Super expensive, super complicated. And they need a human with a remote control to fight... so are they really robots?

Sumo Robots are a much better place to start... and the competition is still vicious!

These small but powerful wheeled robots operate autonomously, and will challenge both your engineering and programming skills... tho they require no degree or experience. Getting into robotics isn't, believe it or not, rocket science... it does require a small investment in parts and a lot in time.

Join our very own David Calkins, who's an internationally known robotics authority when he's not hosting Systm, walks you thru building a sumo robot, large and small, that are -perfect- for competing in events like RoboGames.