Drop Your CPU Temp 10 Degrees For Only $213!


Drop Your CPU Temp 10 Degrees For Only $213!

Not counting the motherboard we fried, dropping our CPU temp 10 degrees Celsius cost us $21.30 per degree in parts. I think we've got all your water cooling questions answered!

Dozens of emails came in after we bolted a car radiator to a water cooling kit in Episode 54... we tried to answer all of 'em in this episode, where we up the ante on our water cooling system and see how low we can drop our processor temperature.

What kind of questions? Ambient room temperatures vs. cooling, the accuracy of our testing software, the impact of high flow pumps and superior water blocks... we try 'em all, and come to a basic conclusion: you can drop your temps big time.

Just be prepared to spend some cash doing it... and try and keep your motherboard dry!

We wish we'd found Petra's Tech Shop back before we shot our intro to water cooling: they're an hour South of us in San Jose, California, and they stock an amazing supply of water cooling gear, including the http://www.petrastechshop.com/eksuuncpuwa1.html and Swiftech MCP655 high flow pump we used to upgrade our water cooled PC.