Practically Free DIY WiFi Antennas


Practically Free DIY WiFi Antennas

Cut and past your way to better WiFi reception? It costs pennies and takes the fabrication skills of a kindergartner... then bend a 6dBi Omni and a 10dBi directional out of copper wire!

David's got a bit of trouble getting his WiFi Router signal to reach every corner of his house... one of the easiest fixes ever isn't a trip to the local computer store, but a trip to the kitchen for aluminum foil, then to the home office for a manilla folder and a glue stick.

It's the infamous Ez-12 Parabolic Reflector, hosted at

Here's the EZ-12 template link.

Omnidirectional Antennas = radiate signal 360 degrees...

A panel mount or surface mount female N connector and 300mm of solid core copper is the heart of the Home-brew Compact 6dBi Collinear Antenna a slick e found on

Directional Antennas = generally concentrates your WiFi in a single direction.

We went to the Seattle Wireless most excellent collection Antenna HowTo for the SardineCanAntenna a biquad you can build with or without an N-connector, at least at the antenna end! (just search WiFi Biquad to find a host of construction ideas!) You don't have to use a sardine can, just about anything will work as a reflector, even a pressed CD... it just needs to be metallic and around 150mm in diameter.

There are quite a few more WiFi antenna designs out there... these are just some of our faves!