Raise A Flag Everytime you Get Gmail: Microcontrollers 101

Learn how to use microcontrollers to control just about anything as we build a device that raises a flag every time you get a new email!

Microcontrollers form the heart of many electronics projects big and small. David uses them constantly for robots, and he helps you get the ball rolling with an introductory look at microcontroller, including Arduino and Parallax.

How? By building a simple gmail notifier and raises a flag whenever a new email message arrives in your inbox.

If you don't have an electronics supply store nearby Parallax is Dave's favorite store/supplier for microcontrollers. If you simply must go the open source route you can check out the Arduino board.

For a copy of the Python code that Dave used in the show just systm@revision3.com with "python code for gmail notifier" in the subject line.