unRAID: The Free NAS That Recovers Data If A Drive Fails!

Build the ultimate DIY network storage machine using free software, a mix of hard drives and an old PC.

We love a good FreeNAS... who doesn't? A Network Attached Storage box solves a problem lots of folks have: there's never enough space for all your data. Whether your storing documents, digital photos, music, movies or games you'll always need and want more space.

FreeNAS is a great free too for building a NAS... but today's build, LimeTech's unRAID softare adds a nifty twist. If one of your storage drives dies, it can replace the lost data.

All you need is a machine with an Ethernet card that can boot off a USB thumbdrive, and the free free unRAID software.

For a comprehensive list of your hardware options, check out the compatibility list.

For tons of helpful unRAID ideas, tips and tricks, check out: Getting Started with unRAID and unRAID Server Community.