Video Jukebox Part 2: Build Your Movie Server


Video Jukebox Part 2: Build Your Movie Server

Now that you've got your movies encoded, we show you how to distribute them over your home network.

We recently showed you how to rip all of your DVD movies onto your PC or Mac in Part 1 of this project. Now that you've finally got all your media stored in a convenient digital format, what now? The obvious next step is stream media to your various set top media playback devices. What isn't obvious is the how.

Especially if you have an Xbox 360 or PS3! Thankfully,TVersity. an amazing free app lets you stream almost every known media format to just about any device out there. It runs on Windows, serves up more than music, photos and videos, and can even handle RSS feeds for your favorite podcasts and video shows.

If you're running an Apple TV, on Windows or Mac, iTunes makes things super simple.

Matter of fact, if you're running a Windows Media Extender, Vista's Media Center makes sharing your media almost as painless.

Got a Mac notebook, or Apple TV? Think that Front Row could use help? Something, maybe, that ties in your friends, tolerates differing encoding formats and supports web based video sites like Hulu and Netflix? You'll love Boxee. It's free if you sign up for an invite, and it is in 'alpha' so it might crash now and then, tho we've found very stable!