Wired Magazine/Living Homes Exhibit in LA


Wired Magazine/Living Homes Exhibit in LA

On this episode of (Eco)Systm, we venture out and take a tour of the Wired Magazine/Living Homes Exhibit in LA. This collaborative effort will redefine what we typically think of when we hear of "Prefab" construction. While not in the price range for most of us, this home does offer some options that we all can all take part in.

This $4 million home in LA isn't exactly what we think of when wanting to integrate more green, eco-friendly aspects to our lives, but it does offer up some great options. LEED certified and designed by architect Ray Kappe, this home offers a great, simple way of constructing a house without compromising the uniqueness of a custom built home. With plenty of options to create your desired look and feel, Living Homes has put together a great package of options while Wired Magazine has covered the interior tech side of things. As we get a tour of the home, all items are available for purchase. Whether it be a Calfee bamboo bicycle, a dual flush toilet by Toto or an energy monitoring system by HP, the Wired/Living Homes exhibit opens up many options for the green, eco-aware folks.

Special thanks to:

HP for the time-lapse video

Gregg Segal for the still images

Steve Glenn of Living Homes

Shiron Bell of Wired Magazine