Create light with Mentos, save gas and generate free power!


Create light with Mentos, save gas and generate free power!

3 clever hacks: save on gas, use Mentos and Mt. Dew to create an emergency light and a way to harness the power of photons to create free energy.

As we all know Mentos and Diet Coke have a rather explosive effect. Hundreds of videos document that phenomenon. In today's episode of Systm we're showing off one of Mentos' even more amazing (but lesser known) abilities. It seems certain ingredients in another popular soft drink, when combined with Mentos, produces a luminescent glow. In fact there's enough light to actually read a book under. Think of it as an emergency light!

Getting a car to run a 100mpg is still a dream for many automakers and car owners. Motorcycles weigh less, have less wind and rolling resistance and regularly top 60 mpg. With Patrick's hack, which taps into a readily available source of Butane, you should be able to squeeze 50 percent greater efficiency from a typical 4 stroke gasoline engine... if you ride with a relatively light hand on the throttle 100 mpg is definitely possible!

The goal of producing a perpetual motion machine has been a challenge for both physicists and engineers alike. Dave Randolph thinks he's got a start on just such a machine, using light. Using some old parts, transistors and a lightgun from an old NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) he's done just that.

Now since the schematics for many these are overly complicated for mere words we've condensed that part of the show notes into this hand-dandy PDF file.