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  • WOW! People Are FREAKING OUT About What Emma Watson Just Did and more

    Happy Thursday, you Beautiful Bastards! Let's talk about some newsy type stuff...

    The Philip DeFranco Show

  • Coworkers Cookie Decorating Challenge


  • Leftover Thanksgiving Challenge

    Thanksgiving is almost here, and we're here to show you the best unconventional Thanksgiving meals you can make with your leftovers!


  • The Great Pumpkin Food Taste Test

    The PBL Team searched the stores to find the best and worst pumpkin flavored foods they could find!

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  • Learning To Do Sculpture w/ Morgan Paige

    Sculpture is an art according to Morgan and that's it. So today our host William Haynes is doing his best to learn the art in one day!

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  • Authentic Filipino Food Taste Test

    Filipino food is some of the most unique food around so our hosts John and William gave it the ultimate taste test!

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  • We Ate Canned Sandwiches!

    The PBL Team eat and review CANNED SANDWHICHES! Yes, these are real.

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  • We Kentucky Fried Everything

    The Kentucky Fried Chicken secret recipe was leaked by the Chicago Tribune, so we knew what we had to do: Kentucky Fry Everything!


  • Pizza Hut Garlic Knots Taste Test!

    Pizza Hut has a (relatively) new menu item: GARLIC KNOTS! We take the office for a test drive...of taste. A taste test...drive. WHATEVER.