• The Best Wikipedia Reader EVER! - Hak5 2123

    The Best Wikipedia Reader EVER, this time on Hak5!


  • A Fitbit For Your Penis?!

    A company called Lovely created a brand new sex product that tracks sexual performance for men. It's basically Fitbit meets a penis ring.


  • Advanced Password Recovery with Hashcat - Hak5 2122

    Darren chats with EvilMog (Team Hashcat) about Hashcat, the world's fastest and most advanced password recovery tool.


  • Samsung Galaxy S8 6.2 Inch? - What is Snapchat Worth? - Blackberry Mercury Leak

    Use Coupon Code "Android" at checkout Jayce talks this week's news!

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  • Tracking Phones with Infrared and IRis - Hak5 2121

    Woody joins us on Hak5 to chat about his journey in discovering proximity sensor fingerprinting of smartphones and developing the IRis board


  • Will AI be the next killer smartphone feature?

    Is the future of smartphones in AI? Article:

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  • Shmoocon 2017: Sniffing IR Signals and More! - Hak5 2120

    Today on Hak5 we head to Washington DC for Shmoocon 2017! We chat sniffing IR signals, Dog Collar Radio Roulette, and a whole lot more!


  • VM Packet Sniffing and Lasers - Hak5 2119

    Sandboxes, packet sniffing and malware analysis - this time on Hak5!