• WINE, X11 Tools, and BASH: Having Fun in Linux! - Hak5 1924

    On this episode of Hak5 we're using WINE, X11 tools and a quick BASH script to use Darren's favorite TTS program in Linux.


  • Text to Speech in Linux and Fun BASH Scripts - Hak5 1923

    Text to Speech in Linux! Building bash one-liners for keyboard shortcuts and other fun scripting tips, this time on Hak5!


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  • The Hacker Manifesto turns 30 - Hak5 1920 

    This episode celebrates 30 years of the Hacker Manifesto. Full text from the Phrack article:


  • Behind the Scenes 2015 - Hak5 1919 

    A little over a year after moving into the Hak5 warehouse we tour the facility. Social/Follow: Shop/Support: http://


  • 3D Projections from the Holovect Volumetric Display - Hak5 1917 

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    Access Software Defined Radios from all over the world, and sharing your own! All that and more this time on Hak5! Visit for


  • Radio Hacking: Reverse Engineering Protocols Part II - Hak5 1914

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  • LG G5 Leaks, How Android Makes Billions & Spotify Delivers Video - Android Weekly

    For more info on Mobile Development Degree Program visit Jayce talks about this week's Android news!

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