Rumor Round Up: Photo Revolution! Hulu for Sale! Nokia's Back? And More iPhone 5 Rumors(!)

We've got tech rumors! Like there's ever a lack of tech rumors to report on, right? This week: Did a startup called Lytro just revolutionize photography with something called a Light Field Camera? Why did Nokia launch the sexy new N9 if it's built on a "burning platform?" And what's Sea Ray, anyway? Hulu's for sale, but is anyone buying? Google TV 2.0 is in some developers' hands - are they liking it? And like that kid who won't stop talking during math class (but you miss him when he's absent) iPhone rumors are baaaack!

Rumor Roundup is a show taking a look at the latest trends, rumors, and leaks buzzing around the technology industry hosted by Noah Kravitz - a well-known and respected tech editor who's been involved in the industry for years. Not only does Noah deliver the news in full force, but he also provides his analytical thoughts and insight leaving one wondering of what lies ahead in the world of tech.