HTC Titan II vs. HTC Titan I: Does New = Better?

Some of you may remember that I'm an advocate of the first Titan; I even made it my daily driver. Now faced with the new iteration, I couldn't wait to check out a quick comp. Verdict? Very nice indeed.

The II's soft-touch plastic feels really nice in the hand, the photo-snapping chops are robust (at a gigantic 16 megapixels, no less). In fact, it's a huge improvement over the first one. And that LTE... Well, let me put it this way: I uploaded the video comparison of the two devices using the Titan II's 4G connection, and the 104 MP video file zoomed in there in three minutes flat. Sweet.

For more, check out the video. (And for more pics of the two devices together, hit up this post.) Then tell us what you think of these Mango-riffic handsets so far.