Nokia Lumia 900 Launched!

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop just made it official: The Lumia 900 is coming to AT&T as an exclusive. Taking the stage with BFF's Ralph de la Vega (AT&T) and Steve Ballmer (Microsoft), Elop just planted the Finnish company's flag on American soil in no uncertain terms.

The phone will hit stores "in the coming months," and while no pricing information was given, Elop did say that they plan to price the phone "aggressively." To me that means: Cheaper than iPhone. I got the chance to ask Elop about plans for Verizon devices, and while he stuck to the "Today is about 900 on AT&T" message, he also said that Nokia intends to reach as many US customers as possible. Sounds like we'll be hearing about Nokia and Verizon sitting in a tree before too long, provided the execs and lawyers can play nice with one another.

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