Rumor Round Up: iPad 3 Gets Retina While Amazon Goes Hollywood

We're only on the edge of Summer and already the rumors are heating up around hot new smartphones and tablets coming this Fall. Google may be prepping a new flagship phone with Android 4 and an HD display. Apple might be readying the next iPad with a Retina Display of its own. BlackBerry's already previewed the Torch 2, and we caught it on video! And much more with Rumor Roundup, hosted by Noah Kravitz!

Rumor Roundup is a show taking a look at the latest trends, rumors, and leaks buzzing around the technology industry hosted by Noah Kravitz - a well-known and respected tech editor who's been involved in the industry for years. Not only does Noah deliver the news in full force, but he also provides his analytical thoughts and insight leaving one wondering of what lies ahead in the world of tech.