Windows 7 RC1 Out, USB Sound Card Picks, Extract Gold From Old Computer Parts!


Windows 7 RC1 Out, USB Sound Card Picks, Extract Gold From Old Computer Parts!

Find Better Apps Fast, Build A DVD Drive For Your Netbook, HD And Stills For Mongol Rally, Windows 7 RC1: Free For a Year!

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Windows 7 Release Candidate 1... you can use the RC for free for at least a year. Woot! Patrick is seriously excited to get his hands on it.

Here's the link to download Windows 7 RC 1 for free!

You're supposed to do a clean install, but if you really want to install the RC over the beta version you're already running, follow these instructions.

Got a Windows 7 question? We'll be talking about the install, dual booting and answering your Windows 7 questions next week, so email

Steve sent in a video question from Great Britain... he's on the hunt for a new USB external sound card. Veronica's got her top picks!

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Freebie Download: This week's pick is XnView, a great all in one tool to manage, edit, convert and print your digital photos.

Blue Microphones took a great USB microphone and stuffed a retractable netcam inside... we show off the Eyeball on the show.

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This week's "Website We Just Can't Get Enough Of" is an amazing new site designed to help you find the best 'alternative to' any piece of software out there! Don't settle for lame software ever again!

What kind of gadgets would you bring along if you were driving in the desert for 10,000 miles? Perry's looking for ideas on how to record lots of still pictures and HD video on the upcoming Mongol Rally 2009, and we've got lots of 'em on the show!

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"I have a crap load of old computer parts and I was wondering how I could extract gold that I can get some money towards building a supercomputer, lol!!!" You're gonna need a lot of computer parts, Sean, and a high tolerance for cancerous fumes... but you can do it! (We also talk about how to do it the right way thanks to the info on!)

It's easy to build an external DVD drive to your Netbook, Steve. You just need to pick up a 5.25 inch external case. We reccomend you spring for a SATA optical drive (optical = CD, DVD or Blu-ray) too, 'cause you'll be able to recycling that external drive in the future. How much? Patrick bought a Vantec NexStar NST-530S2for $45 from my local computer store

Oh boy... we got some email about the difference between Watts and BTUs... and how to correctly do the math on power consumption and heat.

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