Kevin Rose Co-Hosts, The Best Twitter Client Ever, Converting SD to HD, and Legal Free Software!


Kevin Rose Co-Hosts, The Best Twitter Client Ever, Converting SD to HD, and Legal Free Software!

Kevin Rose steps in as co-host while Patrick is out on vacation. We show off the upcoming Seesmic Desktop which puts other Twitter apps to shame, how to upscale SD to HD, how to get the highest quality from the videos uploaded to YouTube, the best way to partition a new 1.5TB hard drive and showcase a site that gives you commercial software free and legal!

Steve out in New Mexico picked up a new 1.5TB drive. Should he leave as one fat partition or should he slice up into multiple chunks, and if he should what should those partitions be? If it's gonna be for data storage you can leave it alone. If he plans on using it as an install drive best to have at least 2 partitions one for the OS and another for data. Never use, however, a second or third partition as a backup for your data. If the drive goes everything on it goes too.

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Aaron and Ferooz had questions about getting the best possible quality on their YouTube video uploads. Although YouTube uses flash it's probably no the ideal format to upload to YouTube. Ideally you want to send the highest quality video. There's a nifty guideline to the whole processhere.

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Another Steve had a question about upscaling his SD TiVO to an HD resolution. The best method is to use an standalone video processor with upscaling capabilities. Unfortunately they're pretty pricey and your still massaging SD video. For something cheaper you can go with a plain upscaler like the ones Gefen offers.