Messenger Bags, Dorm Fridge PC, Is RIAA In Your Torrents, Easter Eggs!


Messenger Bags, Dorm Fridge PC, Is RIAA In Your Torrents, Easter Eggs!

Veronica's got a pile of affordable messenger bags for your notebook, Dorm Fridge + watercooling = our coolest Core i7 ever, Free CD Burning Tools, Port Forwarding HowTo, Easter Eggs!

Welcome to Tekzilla... hands on reviews of the latest tech, and how to make the most out of the gear you already own!

Ali wants a new messenger-type bag for carting his gear around for college... Veronica lived out of one in college, and has a great list for him, from $50 to $100. She's lived out of bags from Timbuk2 and has high praise for, Manhattan Portage and Case Logic. Other brands worth checking out include Chrome, Crumpler, Samsonite, PacDesigns and BaileyWorks!

Patrick's fave bag makers include Spire, his beloved TAD Gear made Dispatch Bag, and his 20 year old Globe Canvas messenger bag he's still using to carry welding gear.

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Free Software! This week's pick is CDBurnerXP, the CD and DVD burning tool that every Windows XP and Vista user should download. It'll happily burn CDs, DVDs and ISO disks and packs customizable boot disc options, an integrated cover printing utility, audio player and ripper, it's not only free, but tres useful!

Bill's wants us to go over Port Forwarding so he can run terminal sevices through his firewall... we show it step by step on his home router using GoToAssist Express.

The process is similar on most home routers... you can find specific instructions in the manual, or check out for application specific instructions for dozens of different routers, along with a tool you can use to check if the port is really open!

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This week's Website We Just Can't Get Enough of is The Easter Egg Archive. This site chronicles those hidden gems that you can find in your movies, tv shows, comics, software -- pretty much anything! You can search by category, the top eggs, the newest eggs, or even ones with images... and the site has TONS for you to check out!

Did Patrick try to cool off a Core i7 using watercooling gear and a dorm fridge? Yes. Check out the video on the show: we got our Core i7 running cooler than ever, even during a nasty Prime95 torture test. The freezer in the fridge couldn't do it alone, though!

Want to learn the basics of water cooling your PC? Check out these episodes of Systm: Watercooling Is Fun and Super Cooling Your PC.

Sponsor Message: Coors Light! How do you get your beer cold certified? Check out the experiments at Project: Cold. People have created new ways to chill a beer quickly. You can vote on whether their methods are cold certified and even share them on Facebook.

Notebook cooling problems? You probably can't control your CPU fan via software, Murphy, unless you've got the right model of Lenovo or Dell. The best thing you can do is get airspace between the bottom of the case and whatever your notebook is sitting on! There's lots of hardware out there claiming to cool off laptops. If you're curious, email and we'll do a roundup!

Jammie Thomas-Rasset was ordered to pay the RIAA $1.92 million... Tony's wondering how the the RIAA and MPAA know what you're transferring, and if they're monitoring every packet on the Internet!

In last week's HDR segment, we showed several examples of some very lovely photos, many of which came from Flickr. There was some mis-communication in post production and the proper credit was not given to the photographers. So we'd like to apologize to D' Arcy Norman, who took one of those stunning photos, and in the future we'll be much more careful to give credit where credit is due.

Also, while Nvidia's Ion will give ATOM powered machines more video playback oomph, it won't help w/ full screen flash video, from, say, Hulu, since Adobe still doesn't use anything other than the CPU to accelerate flash playback. Nvidia, Broadcom and Adobe are working on finally bringing GPU acceleration into Flash.

That's it for this week!