Laptop: Upgrade or Replace? Super Bowl HDTV Tweaks! Blackberry Z10 Revealed! Free THX Tune-Up, GoPro Hero3 Teardown, Spare Battery Carriers, More!

When you should upgrade or replace your laptop, Super Bowl HDTV tweaks, the Blackberry Z10 is revealed and more on this Tekzilla!

Today on Tekzilla, is your laptop too old to upgrade? Plus, RIM is now Blackberry, the OS has some great features, and we've got deets on the new Z10 phone! Also, follow our advice and tweak your HDTV settings, you'll have the best picture for your Super Bowl party. Then we go inside the GoPro Hero 3 with iFixit's Kyle Wiens: teardown, repairabilty score and more! Spare 123a battery carriers. And yes, Fry's is awesome, Edgar... have somebody hold your wallet when you go in!