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How hard is it to build a subwoofer using Sonotube? Fix Blu-ray audio on your PC. The Legend of El-Pipe-O! Gamers, you need a new GPU??? Loyd Case is back! Twenty Twelve HDTVs are shipping, Robert tests HDMI switches, and more!

Turn Your iPad into an Arcade!

The iPad has a lot of people excited about its gaming potential, but what would make it even better? How about the iCADE or the Atari Arcade? Watch the video to see just how you can take your iPad to the next level with these Bluetooth accessories.

iPad Game Controllers, Add More HDMI Ports, Triple vs. Double Channel Memory, New GPUs from AMD and NVIDIA, DIY Sonotube Subwoofer & Happy Pi Day!

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

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