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Windows Pagefile: Performance Tweak, or Hands Off? Powerful Free Video Converter. PuppyLinux: Patrick's New Favorite Distro, Where's Your Favorite Anti-Spyware Pick? Ubulu: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon Made Easy, Stop Physical Attacks On Your PC!

Get Your Windows Files Stolen... With PuppyLinux?

Adam wants everybody to know a new version of Linux "RUNS FROM RAM!" and makes it easy to copy files from even a password protected Windows drive. It's true, Adam, but it's hardly new. We talk you through how to secure your PC from USB thumdrive and CD-ROM attacks in the video. (BTW, PuppyLinux might be Patrick's favorite new distro!)

Stop USB Attacks On Your PC! VHS to Digital Video, Refurbished Products, Cheetos!

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

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