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Memory: Ganged or Unganged? Make a Free Timelapse Video, Free Music for Videos and Podcasts. What do perfect pouring and super-overclocking have in common: CO2! Backup 101 (Data or drive, Incremental or overwrite, Recovery Disk or Data Only? We've got help!)

Kin Phone, Google Drawing, iPhone OS 4 FCC vs. ISPs

Veronica's got the scoop on Microsoft's Kin Phone (The Loop and Spot are Verizon's new Sidekick!) and her favorite bits from the new OS 4 for the iPhone. Google Docs gets real time and Drawing... and Patrick learns how to eject a Bluetooth keyboard from the iPad.

CO2 Overclocking Done Wrong! Safe Backup 101, Hit-Girl: the Kick-Ass Interview, Microsoft KIN, Google's Doc Upgrade, Free Music!

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

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