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Where can I find accurate tech specs? Which free encryption software is best? What about Blu-ray playback? No iPhone 5 this summer! Google TV 2.0 is coming. How do I use bit rate to balance file size and audio quality? And our favorite new Blu-ray releases for May 10th, 2011!

Intel's New Faster CPU, No Summer iPhone, Star Wars Crafts!

Intel's new Ivy Bridge CPUs will be using the Tri-Gate transistors which will allow for faster performance and lower power consumption. Apple will not be releasing a new iPhone in June, as has been the tradition. And Veronica's getting crafty with The Star Wars Craft Book. Watch the video for all these and more in the tech news world.

$1000 PC Build, TriGate CPUs Change Everything! Free Encryption, Headache-Free 3D, Ultimate Surround Sound: Carpet vs. Wood, RAID Upgrade Hell, Star Wars Crafts!

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

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