Best Bargain Laptop, Show Off Your HDTV, 40 Drive NAS? MetaX!


Best Bargain Laptop, Show Off Your HDTV, 40 Drive NAS? MetaX!

Best Budget Laptops, Upscaled DVD vs Blu-ray, Planet Earth Looks Amazing, What To Do with 40 Laptop Drives, Why Macbooks Can't Use Microphones,

Is it us, or is Black Friday kinda over? Nobody should get trampled and die under a rush of holiday shoppers looking for cheap gifts.

What's the best laptop for $800, Blake? We've got some great options -it's amazing how much notebook you get for $800 these days- at least as long as you don't want top play serious 3D PC games!

For $600 to $1000 it's tough to beat Dell's Studio 15.

Will there be a visible difference between an upscaled DVD of the (amazing) Planet Earth videos and the Blu-ray version?

James, as far as we're concerned, Planet Earth is the most amazing hi def disk we've ever seen... it's a great reason to go ahead and get a Blu-ray player.

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This week's Freebie Download Pick is MetaX. If you run OS X, this is ultimate tool for tagging your collection of movie files MP4 and MOV files piles of info, right down to your pick of box covers or movie posters. Thanks to everyone that emailed in about this one!

What can you do with 40 hard drives you've got laying around, Bradd? We've got a laundry list of ideas, but we think you'll flip over RAIDZilla, even tho it 'only' uses 16 drives!

Thinking more like using 4 hard drives? Check out FreeNAS if you want to recycle an old PC, or our fave RAID 5-ish machine, the Drobo, which makes it easy to mix and match drives of different sizes.

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