Drop CPU Temps, Speed Up Your Machine! Headphones from $20 to $1400, Google's Wave, RunPee!


Drop CPU Temps, Speed Up Your Machine! Headphones from $20 to $1400, Google's Wave, RunPee!

Free Screen Capture Tool, Thermal Compound Lowers Temps! $1400 Headphones: Sennheiser's HD800 at CanJam! Microsoft Bing, Mikey: Best iPod Mic Ever? HD Camcorders for Bloggers Sanyo vs. Mino HD, Find the perfect movie bathroom break

What's news? Microsoft's Bing may be a 'decision engine,' not a search engine, but it sure feels like Live.com with pretty background imagines.

We're more excited about Google's Wave. First you create a 'wave' then you add people to it. It's a web tool for sharing and collaborating online. We've already signed up for the Wave beta.

$1400 headphones? There was a dogpile on Twitter asking Patrick for a review of Sennheiser's HD800 since he was attending CanJam 2009, Head-Fi.org's most excellent gathering of headphone vendors and enthusiasts.

Patrick talks 'em up on the show, but he'd like some more time for testing in a -quiet- room, and he -really- wants to fact them off against JHAudio's outstanding JH13 'in ear monitors.' (He'd like to get his mitts on a bunch of the DACs and amps at the show, too!)

Looking for something more affordable like @audioper? We've got our favorite headphone and earbud picks from $20 to $70!

Think we should get more into outboard DACS and amps for headphones on the show? Email Tekzilla@revision3.com and we'll go more in depth!

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Free Software! This week's pick is BB FlashBack Express, a screen capture utility stuffed with features you usually have to pay for... if you can't afford Camtasia, this is the tool for you!

Is Blue's Mikey microphone the best iPod/iPhone microphone to grace the market, or just more overkill with an iPod dock connector? Watch the show to find out!

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A Website We Can't Get Enough Of? This week's pick is RunPee.com, a quirky and extremely helpful website for movie-lovers everywhere. So, you know when you're at a movie, and suddenly that 20oz coke starts working its magic on your bladder? How do you know when is the best time to leave for your potty break? Had you checked RunPee before entering the theater, you'd know exactly when!

Patrick's Core i7 machine runs great at 3.5Ghz, overclocked up from the stock 2.6... but high temps caused the CPU to throttle back to 2GHz.

How do you get the performance back up, or just overclock your CPU higher? Better cooling can help! He swapped the stock Intel cooler for a Zalman 9700... then found out a minor upgrade on his thermal compound dropped temps even more.

The end result? A machine that runs at 3.4GHz even when all the cores are running at 100%. That's a big improvement over 2GHz with the cores at 100%.

BTW, Intel, not being all public about the max temps for Core i7 CPUS? Tres annoying... props to the Puget Systems crew for doing the homework and sharing the word on Core i7 max and recommended operating temperatures.

And, no, don't worry, you're not going to melt your CPU down.. it'll throttle back the speed and shut down long before that.

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Would you recommend a Sanyo XACTI CG65 for a beginner video blog? Sure, Martin, but for a lot less money you can get a lot of milage out of one of Flip's Mino HD cameras!

One last thing before we go: your responses to last week's discussion of TrueCrypt!