Mobo Upgrades, Cheap Cable Management! CPU Cooler Picks, Free Wedding Video Streaming!

Wolfram Alpha: Are you smart enough? Instant Driver Backup. CPU Temperature Panic: Stop it! Our picks for high performance CPU coolers, streaming events online for free, and the ultimate in castle crushing technology!

Wolfram Alpha is the latest endeavor from famed Mathmatica creator Stephen Wolfram. Not a search but computational engine Wolfram Alpha has great potential as a calculation and analysis tool but some still wonder how practical of a tool it really is.

Matt sent us a video question asking about the best course of action in regards to upgrading his Rambus using PC. Should he go out a purchase the relatively rare and hard to find RDRAM modules or should he just upgrade his motherboard? And if so, what else should he upgrade?

Hazifan's quite worried about the 50 degree Celsius readings coming from his CPU... we talk about CPU temperature monitors, when you should worry, and offer up our favorite brands of CPU coolers.