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StarCraft II Overheats Your Laptop? We've got help! Google Voice vs. Phone Service, Free Project Manager, Kill Messenger in Windows Live, Software Radio Hacking? Must be DEFCON! Windows 7 Beats Vista, but XP is Still Number One, Android Outselling iPhone, Free Phonecalls Forever?

Website Pick: Tom's Planner

Ryan "@spazlon" wanted us to check out Tom's Planner, a web-based planning and project management tool. Well, color us impressed, Ryan! (and, Tom, who ever you are.) You can drag and drop and color code your own Gantt Charts, which are a really efficient way of showing timelines for projects, and which are also really annoying to make using Excel or MS Projects... and, yes, you can export 'em. You can sign up for a free beta now!

TDSSKiller: Stop Google Malware, iPad Charging Help, New Kindle, Defcon 18, Laptop Coolers Stop Overheating, XP Rules, Stop Messenger!

Thursday, August 5th, 2010

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